Monday, November 24, 2014

Pinal County Residents Urged to Take Survey

Pinal County Communications & Public Affairs
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November 24, 2014                                                                         

Pinal County Residents Urged to Take Survey

FLORENCE - Pinal County leaders want to know: "How are we doing?"

The County is conducting a Citizen Satisfaction Survey that began on Tuesday, November 18.  The survey will run until Friday, January 23, 2015.

"We ran a Citizen Satisfaction Survey in 2010," said County Manager Greg Stanley.  "We contracted with National Research Center to conduct the survey.  They mailed out 3,000 surveys to residential addresses within the county."

Stanley added that the response rate was 35 percent. 

"What we are doing this time is going online," the County Manager stated.  "This will allow us to reach more residents and it is much cheaper than hiring a firm to do the survey for us."

The county is going through Survey Monkey to conduct the poll.  Residents can access the survey at:  There are a total of forty questions in the survey ranging from rating county services to getting an opinion on county taxes versus services offered.

"These are virtually the same questions that were asked in 2010," Stanley said.  "We have the baseline numbers, this next survey will tell us if we have improved or regressed as a provider of mandated services."


Frequently asked questions about the survey:
1)  Is the survey available in Spanish?  We are working on that now and anticipate having a Spanish version available soon. 
2)  I'm a winter/temporary resident, should I/can I complete the survey?  Yes, we encourage that. 
3)  I don't have computer access at home, can I still complete the survey?  Yes, you can use any computer to complete the survey including County Libraries. 
4)  There are several people over 18 in our household, can we all complete a survey?  Yes.  

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