Friday, July 1, 2011

Independence Day Trash and Recycling Collection Schedule

All City Of Casa Grande offices and services, with the exception of Emergency Services, will be closed on Monday, July 04 in observance of Independence Day.

Trash normally collected on Monday, July 4 will be collected on Tuesday, July 5. Trash collection normally made on Tuesday, July 5 will be collected on Wednesday, July 6.

Recycling collection normally made on Monday, July 4 will be collected on Tuesday, July 5 along with normal Tuesday pickup.

The Casa Grande Landfill will be closed on Monday, July 4. The landfill will return to normal operating hours, 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 5.

For information on the holiday schedule please contact the Public Works Department at (520) 421-8625 or visit the City's website at Once online select "Holiday Trash Schedule" in the "Quick Links".

Fireworks Safety Information

If you choose to purchase and use consumer fireworks, be sure to follow these safety precautions:

  • Only purchase and use fireworks that are permissible in your area. For a list of permissible fireworks, visit
  • Read the labels for proper use and follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Do not allow children to possess or use fireworks or novelty items without direct adult supervision.
  • Only use fireworks in a safe area that is clear of combustible materials.
  • Have a bucket of water and a garden hose nearby at all times.
  • Ensure that all spectators are a safe distance away from fireworks.
  • Be courteous and sensitive to the affects of the use of fireworks to your neighbors and pets.

Please note: Fireworks are only permitted within the city on December 31, January 1 and July 4.

Keep Your Pet Safe on the Fourth of July

Fireworks can frighten your pets and that fear can cause a dog or cat to panic and try to escape from the yard or even the house.

Below are some tips to help keep your pet safe this Fourth of July:

-Don't bring your pet to the fireworks display, because all the loud noises and people could easily frighten your pet.

-Make sure that your pets are safe and secure before dusk because that is when the fireworks display is scheduled to begin.

-Keep them in a quiet and isolated room with covered windows, keep your pets indoors, help your pet feel safe and secure.

-Turn on a fan, radio or TV to muffle the sounds of the fireworks.

-While at home if your pet behaves nervously by pacing, whining or crying, distract your pet by playing with him or doing something he enjoys.

-Make sure your dog or cat is always wearing a fitting collar. You should be able to slip no more than two fingers beneath your pet's collar. Some owners may wish to add an ID tag with their current phone number and/or address.

-Also make sure your pet is wearing its current city license. If your pet becomes lost this is the only way to get your pet home. Another means of identification is a microchip; if your pet's collar is lost or stolen a microchip implant which is done by your veterinarian is another good way of getting your pet home safely.

Remember, we care about your pets, so the City of Casa Grande Animal Care & Adoption Center staff wishes you and your pets a safe and happy Fourth of July. If you have any questions, please call us at (520) 426-9300 and leave a message, we will return your call.