Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valuation Notices to be Mailed by Assessor on February 28

FLORENCE, AZ – Valuations for the 2012 tax year will be mailed on Monday, February 28 to all individuals who own property in Pinal County.  Valuations are set through formula prescribed by state statute.  The formula has a lagging indicator meaning that the formula factors in sales of property in 2009 through June 2010. 
In general, the valuation most property owners will receive will reflect a decline in value over prior years.  It is not a reflection of what the value of your property is at this moment in time in 2011.
If you do not receive a valuation notice, please check to see that the Pinal County Assessor's Office has your current address.  You can look up your property online using Parcel Search at  If your address changed, please submit a change of address form using the Change of Address Form online.  This form is also posted on
If your address is correct and you did not receive a Notice of Valuation you should contact the Pinal County Assessor's office at 520-866-6361. 
If you feel your valuation or property classification is erroneous, please call 520-866-6361 or 888-431-1311 to request a Petition for Review of Valuation form. There is a 60 day window to file a Petition for Review of Valuation.  The appeal deadline is April 29, 2011.