Thursday, December 30, 2010

Road Resurfacing for Pavement Preservation to begin in Colonia del Sol

Nearly 50,000 square yards of road surface will get a fresh coat of slurry seal in the coming days. The project will require almost 80 tons of emulsion and about 550 tons of aggregate to give residents of the Colonia Del Sol neighborhood near Casa Grande smooth roads in their neighborhood.

This pavement preservation project is likely to begin during the first full week of January. However, this type of road project is highly dependent on weather conditions. A storm system is forecast to move through Pinal County over the last few days of December and the outlook for early January may change.

Residents will be notified by a paper notice or flyer to indicate the date their streets will be upgraded. Residents should note and follow all instructions or information contained on the leaflet.

Please be alert to possible traffic delays. Drivers are urged to obey the speed limit and all posted signs and barricades while traveling through these construction zones. Children should not be allowed to play on or near work areas until the project is completed and the new road surface is in place.

Employees in the Pinal County Public Works Department appreciate your patience and understanding as they work to improve your drive throughout the county.

For more information, please contact:
Pinal County Public Works
(520) 866-6411
Or email: