Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Discover the real American cowboy

The American cowboy is probably one of the most misunderstood men of the West.
As romanticized in numerous motion pictures, cowboys always seem to be larger than
life. The truth, however, is far different from the movie myth. Here's your chance to meet
cowboy Lee Anderson of the Arizona Historical Society's "Amazing Arizonans" and his
horse, Concho, as they illustrate the true life of the cowboy(1880-1920) and his many job
descriptions of drover, wrangler, swamper, and bronc twister. You'll get a chance to see
the gear and tack a cowboy carried and find out their uses and history. Don't miss this
unique opportunity to see the West as it really was.

Lee Anderson has long been interested in the "Old West," especially the Conquistadors
who introduced horses to the North American continent. His attraction extends to the
study of antique firearms and horse gear, as well as western clothing and tools. This
presentation is one of three he does with Concho as his equine assistant. The other two
are on the Spanish Colonial Vaquero 1750-1800 and the Mexican Cowboy 1850-1900.
He is developing a new program on the Arizona Rangers as well. Anderson spent several
years professionally training and showing horses, locally and nationally. He also worked
as a pipefitter and welder, and as a quality assurance engineer for the aerospace industry,
before retiring.

Anderson has also published articles in American Horseman magazine, SHOOT
Magazine©, Black Powder and the Old West, and the official Single Action Shooting Society
publication, The Cowboy Chronicle.

This program is presented free of charge through a grant from the Arizona Historical
Society and will be held outside at the Pinal County Museum at 715 S. Main St. in Florence
on Sunday Nov. 14th . For more information call 520-868-4382.