Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NEW CAC choir director!

Hello Everyone!

I have good news for anyone interested in singing in College Choir!  There is a new director that was hired last Wednesday to replace Dr. Pisciotta.  His name is Andy Bade and he is hitting the ground running!!
I realize some addresses may be wrong or changed, but I wanted to get the news out to as many of you as possible!

I am including some information that Andy sent to me so that I might pass it forward to you all!

A little about me... I am finishing my doctorate in choral conducting at the UA.  I am finished with everything but the final paper, which is on its way, but will still take some time, especially with a new job.  Anyone who travels often to Tucson, especially on the weekends, and listens to the UA classical music radio station on the way may be familiar with my voice, since I have been an announcer for KUAT-FM for the past couple of years.  (I also sometimes fill in on the NPR sister station, KUAZ.)

I know you will find him enjoyable and I would love to help him get started....(since this hasn't been a really smooth transition for him!)  Get on out there, or drop him an e-mail for more information!

Love to you all!

Kim Freyermuth