Friday, August 20, 2010

First sentencing of “Fertile Ground” drug case takes place

Florence, AZ - The Pinal County Superior Court on Wednesday, August 18,
2010, sentenced Willie Henry Stringfellow Jr., to 9.25 years in prison
for selling illegal narcotics, a Class 2 Felony.

Stringfellow, 28, was arrested in March, 2010  following a seven-month
long investigation by the Casa Grande Police Department and the Drug
Enforcement Administration. He was indicted on numerous charges of
"knowingly selling a narcotic drug."

Stringfellow pled guilty to sale of narcotic drugs on Wednesday, August
18, 2010.

"We will relentlessly fight drug trafficking in our communities and
neighborhoods," said James P. Walsh, Pinal County Attorney. "We will
prosecute vigorously drug crimes committed in Pinal County."

The investigation involved an undercover operation. For about seven
months, a task force targeted the sales, distribution and violence
associated with PCP and other illegal drugs in Casa Grande, Coolidge and
surrounding communities. During this same period the task force
conducted over 100 enforcement operations.  Officers of these different
agencies worked together to arrest and indict more than 24 accused drug
dealers and suppliers.

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