Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Maricopa Man Indicted

Florence, AZ -A man shot by Maricopa Police on February 8 was indicted
by a Pinal County Grand Jury late last week on five counts of aggravated
assault, while using a deadly weapon a "Class 3 Dangerous Felony"
according to the Arizona Revised Statutes.

Robert Mitchell, 29, verbally threatened five police officers
brandishing a shotgun. He was shot in the abdomen and now he is
recovering from his wounds at the Maricopa Medical Center. Once he's
able to travel, he will be transported to the Pinal County jail for

The incident occurred when Maricopa Police officers, responding to a
1:10 a.m. call from concerned neighbors in the Homestead community,
found Mitchell brandishing a rifle in his front yard.

Mitchell was transported by air to Maricopa Medical Center, where he
remains. Mitchell is expected to make a full recovery.