Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pinal County Attorney's Office - Maduena Case - Conviction

Florence, AZ - Genaro Maduena, 36, was sentenced to a 25 year term in
prison, with the Department of Correction's, after a jury found him
guilty of two counts of sale of methamphetamine and two counts of sale
of marijuana. The sentence must be served before the defendant is
eligible for release.

"I am proud of law enforcement, our prosecutors and the courts for
protecting our families by getting the purveyors of poison like
methamphetamine off of our streets," said James P. Walsh, Pinal County
Attorney and Pinal County Anti-Meth Coalition Chairman.

Kelly Neal of the Pinal County Attorney's Office prosecuted the case.
This long sentence was imposed by the Court because the jury found that
an underage person was present during one of the two narcotics sales,
which is an aggravating circumstance that can lead to the tougher
The two sentences will run consecutively for a total of 25 years in
prison.  Additionally, Mr. Maduena will have to serve the entire 25 year
sentence before he is eligible for release.