Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Early Voting Sites Open to Pinal County Voters

By Joe Pyritz

FLORENCE- Voters who want to avoid the lines at the polls on November 4th's General Election can place their ballot at numerous locations throughout Pinal County.

     "We have our main office in Florence open for early voting as well as our satellite offices in Apache Junction and Casa Grande," said County Recorder Laura Dean-Lytle.  "These three sites are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, through the end of October."

     In addition to the three County Recorder offices, there will be regional early voting sites in various areas of the county, Dean-Lytle added.

     "We are working hard to make voting a little easier for those who want to place their ballot before the general election."

     If you were mailed an early ballot, please don't forget to vote it, sign it and send it back in to Pinal County.


Monday-Friday Early Voting Locations (8:00 am until 5:00)

  • Florence; Recorder's Office (Building E) County Complex
  • Apache Junction; Recorder's Satellite Office; 575 N. Idaho Road, Suite 110
  • Casa Grande; Recorder's Satellite Office; 820 E. Cottonwood Lane


Regional Early Voting Locations

  • Maricopa; 19955 N. Wilson Avenue (JP Court); Thursday, October 16 and 23
  • San Tan; 968 W. Hunt Highway (Next to Johnson Utilities); Tuesday, October 14, 21 and 25
  • Saddlebrooke; 63701 E. Saddlebrooke Boulevard, Suite C; Wednesday, October 15 and 22
  • Kearny; 355 Alden Road; Saturday, October 18
  • Arizona City; 13970 S. Sunland Gin Road; Saturday, October 18
  • Gila River Indian Community; Site to be Determined; Friday, October 17 and 24


     If you have any questions please call the Pinal County Citizen's Contact Center at (520) 509-3555 or 888-431-1311.