Monday, June 2, 2008

Pinal County Comprehensive Plan Update

The third of four provocative sessions focused on Water related to the new Pinal County Comprehensive Plan was held Thursday, May 29, 2008 at Central Arizona College.  


George Fletcher, President and CEO of Replenishment Services, and Dr. Jack August of the Barry Goldwater Center for the Southwest, both noted that water is the only necessity of life that is easily captured and portable.  It is this fact that allowed Arizona to be populated for generations, and today, a desirable place to live.  Fletcher noted that water is not a constraint for Pinal County today, and that new water will come to Arizona and to Pinal County for the future when the economic pressures demand.  What is important today is to understand what the potential for the future of Pinal County may be, and to plan and advocate for all the resources needed to realize that future. 


Fletcher noted that what is important for Arizona now is how to best manage what water we currently have.  "Pinal County as an agency lacks the legal authority to manage water," Fletcher said, "but the county can support water resources management through additional messages concerning conservation, and advocacy on behalf of all who live, work, and play in Pinal County." 


The discussion series with leading experts on topics related to growth and development in Arizona and Pinal County continues.  Each Thursday evening, an important topic related to the Pinal County Comprehensive Plan will be discussed:

June 5: Sustainability
Sustainability is simply defined as ensuring that the needs of existing residents are met while not compromising future generations' ability to meet their needs: a simple concept with complex implications.  A panel of experts will explore sustainability and its relationship to Pinal County planning. 

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All forums from 6-8 pm at:

Central Arizona College
Signal Peak Campus
Gloria R Sheldon University Center, Room T116
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