Monday, May 5, 2008

Pinal County General Plan Input Requested

Pinal County is the center of the Sun Corridor, one of 10 megapolitan areas in the U.S. where demographers project the largest population growth to occur in the next decades.  Ensuring that Pinal County remains sustainable and the region's quality of life is enhanced is a key objective of the Pinal County Comprehensive Plan effort.  Join us for a provocative discussion series with leading experts on topics related to growth and development in Arizona and Pinal County.  Each Thursday evening, an important topic related to the Pinal County Comprehensive Plan will be discussed:
May 15: Multimodal Circulation
To address long-term growth, new freeways, parkways, rail improvements, and transit options are needed to move people and goods efficiently. Hear about future multimodal transportation opportunities and plans for Pinal's circulation future.
May 22: Economic Development
Ensuring quality employment opportunities so residents can live, work and play close to home is an important Pinal vision component. Join the discussion about the importance of creating appropriate mixed-use activity centers and employment areas that can position the region to attract future economic opportunities.
May 29: Water
How will the relationship between water and growth be addressed in Pinal County?  This has been one of the most commonly asked questions during the year-long comprehensive planning effort.  The expert panel will explore this relationship and offer opportunities to ensure Pinal's future can be achieved.
June 5: Sustainability
Sustainability is simply defined as ensuring that the needs of existing residents are met while not compromising future generations' ability to meet their needs: a simple concept with complex implications.  A panel of experts will explore sustainability and its relationship to Pinal County planning.
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All forums from 6-8 pm at:

Central Arizona College
Signal Peak Campus
Gloria R Sheldon University Center, Room T116
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These workshops are the sixth round of public involvement events for the Pinal County Comprehensive Plan. For more information visit the project website
or contact Peggy Fiandaca (PSA) Consulting Team Project Manager at 480.816.1811 or