Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Great Changes for Sun Life’s patients

Casa Grande, AZ – Patients using Sun Life's OB/GYN services can expect improved check-in and check-out services. Sun Life has built a new separate front desk area for women using the providers' specialty services, making patient visits quicker and more personalized.

This renovation is just one of the changes Sun Life has implemented to improve the patient visit. Sun Life recruited Dr. Eddie Estrada, who joined Sun Life's OB/GYN Department as the OB/GYN Chair. Estrada says, "This community offers an opportunity to grow, and the 21st Century is bringing about a lot of changes in OB/GYN. At Sun Life, we hope to set the standard here in town." Dr. Estrada joined Sun Life in December 2007, leaving a private practice in Ohio to join Sun Life's

Women can use the OB/GYN services at Sun Life's Casa Grande office, 865 North Arizola Road, or call 520-381-0380 to make an appointment.